TANGO UNDERPANTS: feature film script commissioned by Cottesloe Films, Feisty Dame Productions

Writer, 2017 — ongoing

A warm-hearted comedic drama about a pragmatic young Australian who, after her mother’s death, travels to Uruguay to find her estranged father, discovering along the way the joys of tango, a whole new family, and the perfect pair of undies.

Recipient of ScreenWest development funding

Selected for Dame Changers 2018 mentor to market program


POLE POSITION: feature film script

co-writer, 2015 — ongoing

A mechatronic engineering student nearly kills the reigning US Pole Dancing Champion and is blackmailed into dancing in the National Pole Dancing Championships. She learns that the worlds of engineering and pole dancing are not as different as they seem . . .

State finalist, Open Channel Short and Sharp competition.


LIBRARY OF LOVE: short film

Writer, 2017

Musical romantic comedy about a woman who needs to stop living in romance novels and start living in the real world.


TALES FROM TINDER: Episode 1: The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: web series

Story Consultant, 2016

Features a cast of furry, fearless, flamboyant puppets who re-enact real tinder dates from around the world - it's love with no strings attached. 


TRIPLE D: web series script

Writer, 2015

Triple D takes you behind the scenes of a reality dance show, where the backstage drama is far more tantalizing than anything the network would put to air. It’s 30 Rock meets So You Think You Can Dance.

Winner: Victorian Open Channel Short and Sharp Competition. Finalist: National Open Channel Short and Sharp Competition.



Story consultant, 2015

A young Australian backpacker arrives in Buenos Aires and discovers the wonders of the tango and the vital importance of the right underwear.


TURNING TRICKS: short documentary

Writer, co-director, co-producer

A portrait of the people addicted to the amateur pole dancing scene.

Premiered at Melbourne Underground Film Festival.